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Industry, HVAC and waterworks

Industrial sites handle fluids at different stages such as utilities, process, raw materials or finished product: water, gas, steam, compressed air, chemical products, food products, etc. Our sister companies, Sferaco, Sectoriel, FGinox and Sodeco Valves, provide us reliable products to manage these fluids such as valves, check valves, filters, connectors, actuators, regulators, flanges and fittings. Attentive to the market, our ranges are supplemented from year to year to adapt to market developments and always better meet the customers’ needs.


Heating, plumbing and sanitary

We cover a wide range of needs including heating and sanitary water systems, taps, air circulation control and air quality in private house and collective housing. It consists of fittings for plumbing, pipes in steel, PE or PER, distribution manifolds, flexible hoses, valves, radiator equipment, circulators, expansion tanks, air conditioning, fan and heating units. Highly concerned by the transition to renewable energy, our sister companies Thermador, PBtub and Axelair, which provide us with this wide range, are attentive to select products in line with new thermal regulations and energy consumption reduction.


Pumps and garden

Our expertise extends to watering, irrigation, water supply to private house. We are also specialized in fields like lifting of clean or waste water and professional swimming pool supplies. Thus, we offer surface pumps, booster sets, borehole pumps, sewage or dirty water pumps, lifting stations and pressurised water tanks. Furthermore, our swimming pool offer includes filtration pumps, filters, water treatment devices, heat exchangers, cleaners, installation and maintenance accessories. Jetly, Dipra and Aello are our privileged partners for these lines of business.