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Syveco, an ISO 9001 certified company

At Syveco, we put customer satisfaction and the quality of our products at the top of our priorities.
This observation made our management think about our structure and procedures, naturally leading to an ISO 9001 process.
The main tool of this approach is our quality management system, allowing us to improve the following: our sales service with more dedication and reactivity, customer satisfaction, logistics, after-sales, supplier relationships and working life quality for employees.

The quality of our products is the result of a high degree of synergy within Thermador group which performs the best practices in terms of quality. Sourcing protocols and testing equipment help us to ensure a constant product quality .


Our Quality Manager collaborates with the Purchasing Directors and the Technical Managers of our suppliers to define quality objectives, analyse customer feedbacks and establish rank priorities.
With a view to continuous improvement, the quality processes put in place aim to:
• Improve the material selection process
• Reduce litigation related to misuse
• Offer an optimum after-sales service.


Implemented means

We develop strong relationships with manufacturers, including factory visits. We ensure that our suppliers’ products meet all prevailing technical and safety standards. At last, we put in place several controls during the lifetime of every product: after the initial control to validate the reference sample, we operate random controls defined at each receipt by the technical controller.

To carry out these controls, Thermador Groupe has various tools:
• A hydraulic (≤ DN 400, 110 bar) and a pneumatic test benches (≤ 8 bar)
• A X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
• The photo lab: a library that lists the characteristic features of each product potential defects and all the marking and tracing elements.
We have access to other means of additional controls if necessary and call upon the expertise of independent laboratories for advanced measurements and analysis.

Our assembly workshop for Sectoriel actuated valves is also ISO 9001 certified.

ISO 9001 certified assembly workshop