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How to replace a 3 piece ball valve seal

#5 How to replace a 3 piece ball valve seal

  1. Unscrew the handle nut using the wrench to remove the handle
  2. Unlock the gland packing retainer
  3. Block the ball, then unscrew the gland nut
  4. Remove the tab washer, the spring washers and the gland bush
  5. Unscrew the bolts in a crosswise sequence to remove the studs
  6. Remove the ends
  7. Take out the seats
  8. Remove the ball
  9. Take out the stem
  10. Remove the stem gaskets
  11. Take out the gland packing
  12. The disassembled valve is ready for seal replacement
  13. Take the new gasket kit
  14. Take the new stem gaskets and insert them
  15. Take the new gland packing and insert it
  16. Put the stem back in place
  17. Put the gland bush, the spring washers, the tab washer and the gland nut back in place
  18. Insert the ball
  19. Block the ball and tighten the gland nut
  20. Lock the gland packing retainer
  21. Add the new seats
  22. Put the ends back in place
  23. Insert the studs
  24. Tighten the nuts in a crosswise sequence
  25. Define the setting of the dynamometric key according to the data sheet
  26. Tighten with the dynamometric key (crosswise)
  27. Put the handle back in place