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How to replace a split body ball valve seal kit

#6 How to replace a split body ball valve seal kit

  1. Unscrew the handle nut and remove the handle
  2. Unscrew the gland nut then remove Belleville washers and the antifriction ring
  3. Unscrew the body bolts
  4. Separate the body parts
  5. Remove the ball
  6. Take out the stem and the gland follower
  7. Remove the graphite spiral wound gasket
  8. Remove the seat
  9. Insert the new seat
  10. Repeat the process with the second seat
  11. Remove stem thrust seal
  12. Remove the gland packing
  13. Replace the gland packing and the stem thrust seal by the new ones
  14. Remove the stem o-ring
  15. Replace the stem o-ring by the new one
  16. Put the stem back in place
  17. Insert the ball
  18. Replace the spiral wound gasket by the new one
  19. Put the body connector back in place
  20. Screw the body bolts
  21. Complete the bolts tightening with the torque wrench (setting according to the data sheet)
  22. Put the gland follower, the antifriction ring and the Belleville washers back in place
  23. Screw the gland nut
  24. Put the handle back in place
  25. The new gasket kit is now mounted and the valve is now ready to be used