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The world of pumps is vast and varied, each type of pump offering different features to meet the specific needs of these areas. There are pumps specifically designed for:

  • Draining wastewater, dirty water, rainwater and sewage water
  • Boosting pressure
  • Lifting
  • Sprinkling
  • Swimming pools

Surface and submersible pumps

Surface pumps should not be submerged. They must be installed away from water or liquid. The role of the pump is to aspirate the water from well, a watercourse, or a tank and discharge it in another place. There are useful for watering and swimming pool. The surface pump can also power domestic appliances in the house. It is most often used for clear water.

Drainage, well and borehole pumps are submersible pump with built-in automatic device that control the start and stop of the pump and protect it from running dry. They are suitable for pumping clean water from tanks, cisterns and wells. They are ideal pumps for rainwater harvesting systems and domestic watering systems.

Access to our surface and submersible pumps.Access to our surface and submersible pumps.
Access to our sewage and dirty water pumpsAccess to our sewage and dirty water pumps

Sewage and dirty water pumps

Sewage and dirty water pumps could manage with water with particles. These centrifugal pumps have a dilacer system that crushes the organic matter. Thus, the elements contained in the liquid are broken up, allowing the pump to be lifted without the risk of clogging or obstructing the pipes.

Booster set / booster pump

The booster set is designed for large volumes of water and increases the water pressure in the distribution system. It consists of a surface pump, a booster and a tank to ensure a continuous water supply. This device protects your pumping system from water shortages or water hammers by providing constant pressure in the water distribution system and choosing the correct booster set according to your needs and the required water flow. The booster set is suitable for watering, domestic use, or professionals who must distribute water in a building or community. A water booster ensures constant pressure even when the water supply system is used intensively. It can be connected to the water mains, a rainwater harvesting tank, or a well. In the latter case, combining the booster with a submersible well pump or a borehole pump is recommended if the water depth to be drawn is greater than 8 metres. In contrast to the surface pump, booster sets have a tank where a certain amount of water is stored. This makes the booster pump ideal for small watering jobs of up to 10 litres, as it first supplies the tank with water, maintains the pressure, and only switches on when the tank is empty. Our range includes various professional brands, such as Spid'o, Jetly, and DAB, carefully selected by our watering and pumping experts.

Access to our Booster sets and booster pumpsAccess to our Booster sets and booster pumps
Access to our lifting stations.Access to our lifting stations.

Lifting stations

Our range of sewage lifting stations includes sewage lifting stations. They are designed to evacuate all domestic wastewater from pits or all water from vertical sand filters. You will find sewage and dirty water lifting stations for indoor or outdoor installation. They are designed for the drainage of wastewater and sewage from a house. We also offer toilet macerators, grease separators, grease separators for above-ground installation and grease separators for dishwashing.

Pressurised water tank

Pressure water tanks are used in booster applications where a storage reserve is required to limit pump starts.

When the pump starts, water flows back into the tank because the system pressure exceeds the tank's precharge pressure. This builds up a reserve of pressurised water. When the pressure inside the tank reaches the pressure switch trigger pressure, the pump stops. The maximum quantity of water has been accumulated under pressure in the tank. When water is drawn from a tap, the pressure in the tank pushes the water into the system. With a tank whose volume has been correctly calculated, pump starts can be kept to a minimum.

Our membrane and diaphragm tanks are pre-inflated and tested at factory and have an interchangeable bladder or diaphragm. They ensure the water is no longer in contact with air, preventing pressure loss, corrosion and bacteriological proliferation. All parts of tanks that come into contact with water are approved for use with drinking water. Some models are suitable for all waters, even aggressive or calcareous. Our membrane tanks require limited maintenance and monitoring while diaphragm tanks require no maintenance.

Access to our pressurised water tanks.Access to our pressurised water tanks.
Access to our pumps and garden equipment.Access to our pumps and garden equipment.

Focus on pumps and garden equipment

In gardening, garden pumps are essential for efficiently watering plants and lawns. You can use them to draw water from a well, stream or rainwater harvesting tank and then distribute it to the garden through a system of pipes. Garden pumps are available in different sizes and capacities, from small portable pumps for watering small plots of land to larger pumps for more extensive gardens. Our garden range is designed for any wholesaler who wants surface or submersible pumps. We also offer a rainwater collecting set composed of submersible pumps, filters, a solenoid valve, a tank and a level switch. The range includes ABS plastic quick fittings such as clic connect and high flow, brass fluted and quick fittings, plastic and polyamide couplings, and gear clamps.

Swimming pool equipment: for what purpose?

In swimming pools, pool pumps are used to maintain clean and healthy water. These are surface pumps for filtration, designed to draw pool water through skimmers, discharge nozzles, and then pass it through a filtration system to remove impurities. They circulate the pool water in the pool, ensuring that the water is well-mixed and evenly treated. Pool pumps are available in different sizes and capacities, depending on the size and depth of the pool. These surface pumps can be equipped with various functions, such as programming, timer and variable speed, which allow the operation of the pump to be tailored to the pool's specific needs. The swimming pool range is dedicated to pool accessories and pumps. Our range includes pool pumps (filtration pumps and water booster sets), filtration and maintenance accessories, cleaners, treatment devices, fittings and sealing products.

a rectangular swimming pool on the terrace of a housea rectangular swimming pool on the terrace of a house