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is a French master stockist composed of 17 commercial subsidiaries, specialised in the distribution of valves, fittings and technical items for industry, building equipment, HVAC and waterworks.

Customers are wholesalers in heating and sanitation, pumps, plumbing, fittings, industrial supplies, swimming pool professionals and industrialists.

The group's strategic logistics location near to Lyon, the fluidity in our order process and our solid partnerships with carriers, allow us to have a good performance in terms of shipping and delivery.

Syveco is the branch dedicated to the export sector. As part of Thermador Groupe, our strength is to be able to provide you a wide range of products of the subsidiaries.

We are relying on the expertise of each of them in the fields of their specialization and we distribute the following product ranges:


  • Manual and actuated valves of Sferaco and Sectoriel
  • Central heating, domestic water accessories, plumbing equipment, taps of Thermador
  • Pumps, lifting stations and rainwater harvesting systems of Jetly
  • Stainless steel connectors, flanges, valves and accessories of FGinox
  • Piping systems and plumbing equipment of PBtub
  • Pumps and sanitary taps of Odrea
  • Technical items and accessories for swimming pool of Aello
world map showing that Syveco is based in France and exports abroadworld map showing that Syveco is based in France and exports abroad

With Syveco, you have more than 73,000 references at your disposal, different product ranges of the group's subsidiaries.

Founded in 1968 by Guy Vincent, who went on to become the driving force behind the creation of Thermador Groupe, Thermador is a company that markets accessories for heating circuits and domestic hot water production, with over 4600 quality products backed by the expertise of its 40 industrial partners.

In 1975, Thermador Robinetterie was founded, and in 1978 it became Sferaco, a company that today offers more than 12,000 quality products, including valves, fittings and meters, to the industrial, construction, HVAC and water supply sectors.

Set up in 1977 by Hubert Fournier, one of the five founders of the Thermador Groupe, Jetly sells bladder tanks, pumps and a wide range of accessories for the domestic cold-water market.

Founded in 1989 by Jacques Borde, Sectoriel is a company specialising in industrial valves and air compressors, offering technical equipment for fluid control. Sectoriel has the largest motorization center in France and one of the largest in Europe.

Since 1989, with its various industrial partners around the world, PBtub has been offering high-quality solutions for the distribution of building fluids in the hydrodistribution, multilayer and underfloor heating markets.

Founded in 1992, Isocel is a subsidiary that sells a wide range of components to manufacturers of boilers, heat pumps and air conditioning devices at the best price, thanks to the power of the group.

Founded in 2006 and acquired in 2012 by Thermador Groupe, DPI Plastube is a company that sells a wide range of quality plastic pipes and accessories for water, building and public works all over the world.

Founded by Lionel Grès in 2013, Axelair is a company specialising in the distribution of sanitary and heating equipment until 2017, when it also specialised in the distribution of electrical equipment with the acquisition of Vortice. Today Axelair counts 50 suppliers and more than 1,000 customers in France.

Founded in 2015 as part of Thermador Groupe, Aello is a company that distributes materials and equipment for the construction and maintenance of swimming pools and spas to professionals.

A leader in the compressed air market, Macafer offers a wide range of compressors, generators, heaters, construction site fans, etc. Acquired in 2015 by Thermador groupe, Macafer bought Domac in 2017, a company operating in the same market, to broaden its product offering.

Acquired in 2017 by Thermador Groupe, Sodeco is a company founded in 1993 that supplies industrial and pipe valves to various sectors, including chemicals, petrochemicals and utilities.

Founded in 1984 and integrated into Thermador Groupe in 2017, FGinox is present in over 60 countries and is one of Europe's leading distributors of stainless steel fittings, pipe accessories, flanges, valves and fasteners.

Founded in 1977 and being a subsidiary of Thermador Groupe since 2019, Distrilabo is a fluid control specialist. They sell technical parts for the heating and air conditioning markets.

Founded in 2016 by ACOME Group, Thermacome is a company that designs, thermal engineers and markets products and systems for domestic water distribution and thermal comfort. Since April 2020, Thermacome has been wholly owned by Thermador Groupe.

Odréa was born in 2023 from the merger of Dipra and Edouard Rousseau. Founded in 1986, DIPRA is the group's first subsidiary to distribute pumps, building valves and plumbing to supermarkets and private customers. Since 1934, Édouard Rousseau has been a renowned manufacturer of taps and fittings. The company is recognised for the quality and performance of its products.