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Namur solenoid pilot valves

Namur solenoid pilot valves

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What is a solenoid pilot valve?

A solenoid pilot valve, also known as solenoid operated spool valve, is a device that is used to control the actuator compressed air supply directly. Using an electrical signal, the solenoid pilot valve controls the quantity of fluid that is sent to the pneumatic actuator. The pneumatic actuator converts the fluid energy into a movement, allowing the valve to open or close.

Multiple-way solenoid pilot valves are described with two digits indicating the number of ports and the number of switching positions. For instance:

  • 3/2: 3 ports and 2 positions, adapted to spring return actuators;
  • 5/2: 5 ports and 2 positions, adapted to double-acting actuators.

The solenoid pilot valve is directly mounted on the actuator and complies with the NAMUR standard.

Last, solenoid pilot valves can be monostable or bistable:

  • Monostable means it is single solenoid operated. It uses a solenoid air-operated pilot and a return spring. Power supply drives the solenoid, then the solenoid pulls the spring drawer, which lets the air flow and activates the actuator: the pilot is electromagnetic. In case of a power outage, the drawer comes back into place thanks to the spring;
  • Bistable means it is dual solenoid operated. Pilot and return are both solenoid air-operated. The solenoid pilot valve stays in position if there is no driving signal.

Syveco’s offer

Syveco offers a wide range of solenoid pilot valves to be specifically used with air or filtered inactive gas. They are carefully selected from trusted brands: LUCIFER by Parker, ASCO by Joucomatic, SHAKO, CEME.

We have monostable or bistable, 3/2 or 5/2 solenoid pilot valves. All of them are SIL3 certified and comply with the NAMUR connection standard. They also have either the IP65 protection rating, or the ATEX certification (for use in explosive atmosphere). Voltage can vary depending on the different models and reference: 24 V AC, 48 V AC, 110 V AC, 230 V AC, 24 V DC, 48 V DC.

Numerous accessories are also available at Syveco’s: silencer, quick exhaust, throttle valve, NPT/BSP adapter.