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Stainless steel threaded fittings

Stainless steel threaded fittings

We offer cast stainless steel BSP or NPT threaded fittings (sockets, elbows, tees, crosses, reducing and double reducing sockets, hose nozzle male, plugs and caps) and 3 piece unions 150 lbs.
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What are the different fittings used for?

A plant or water supply network is an assembly of pipe and fluid management devices. They have to be connected and tight. That is the role of fittings. There are a wide variety of fittings in their shapes and connections.

  • The nipple is a tubular piece in which both ends are male threads. On the opposite, the socket holds two female threaded ends. They allow the connection of two same-diameter elements.
  • The reducer (reducing socket or reducing bush) connects pipes of different diameters, whereas 3-piece union is used to fit pipes with varying end connections.
  • The elbow is useful for connecting pipes at curved angles.
  • Tee, thanks to its T shape is used to assemble three pipes.

Syveco's offer

Syveco offers high-quality CF8M stainless steel threaded fittings and 3-piece unions. A wide variety of couplings is available such as:

Half or equal socket, 90° elbow female/female or male/female, equal tee female, equal cross female, (double) reducing socket female/female, (double/triple) reducing bush, (double) reducing hexagonal nipple, reducing socket female/male, equal hexagonal nipple, hose nozzle nipple, hose nozzle male, hexagonal, square head or square hole plug, hexagonal cap, hexagonal locknut.

You can also find various equal unions with conical bearings. The range includes different end connection combinations (BSP and BW): butt weld, male/but weld, female/butt weld, female/male, male, and female.

This heavy-duty range comes with a pressure rating of 20 bar relevant to class 150 (150 lbs). It is suitable for temperatures between -25°C and +180°C.

Male conical BSP thread and female cylindrical BSP thread comply with ISO 7-1 whereas NPT threaded is according to ISO B1.20.1.

Benefits and applications

Stainless steel threaded fittings are cost-effective thanks to their high resistance to corrosion, temperature and pressure, giving them a long life. They need low maintenance and are easy to clean. These fittings are versatile, being usable indoors and outdoors. They are often used in buildings and industrial processes to convey hot water, gas, oil, compressed air and chemicals. More generally, they are suitable for all common liquids from group 1 and fluids from group 2.