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Air treatment equipment for compressed air

Air treatment equipment for compressed air

We offer a range of air treatment equipment for compressed air: filters with standard filtration of 5 µm, regulators, lubricators. We also provide S-AIR filters with cartridges for X3, X1, XA or XAC filtration grades and drain valves.
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Use of compressed air equipment

Compressed air is most often used in medical and industrial applications. Getting the purest air, without any humidity nor suspended particles, is the aim. That is why air is filtered through different adapted devices:

  • Filter regulators
  • Regulators
  • Lubricators
  • Drain valves
  • Filters with cartridges
  • Devices combining filter, regulator and lubricator

How do the different compressed air equipment devices work?

Filter regulators

Filter regulators are used to get filtered air at desired pressure. They are simple, efficient, and cost-effective devices: they retain all impurities (dirt, oil and wet particles...) present in ambient air in order to deliver cleaned air, and prevent other equipment to be damaged. A control knob is installed on the filter regulator. It is used to set the desired pressure in the circuit.


Regulators, or pressure regulators, supply non cleaned air at desired pressure. Turning the control knob drives the different elements (tightening nut, piston, spring, shutter), thus giving way to more or less air. This allows a consistent working pressure. Supply pressure must be higher than desired pressure.

Filters with cartridges

Filters with cartridges, also called line filters, clean air from dirt and water it naturally holds, but also from oil particles coming from the act of lubricating the compressors. They reduce maintenance costs and protect the downstream network against wear caused by these polluting elements.


Lubricators, or oilers, use air pressure going through them to cause pressure increase in the oil tank, before sending fine oil particles into the air: this is the Venturi effect. The oil mist mingles with the compressed air, thus lubricating all device components and reducing wear due to friction.

Note: installing a lubricator is not always necessary.

Drain valves

Drain valves are key elements on compressed air networks. Their role is to remove condensates created in pipes when the air cools down. The network is then drained in an efficient manner and without any compressed air loss.

Syveco offers two different types of drain valves:

  • Temporised drain valves: the valve is automatically controlled via a programmer, the user sets the draining time and interval
  • Capacitive drains: fully electronic drains, adapting to condensates volume and causing no compressed air loss

Devices combining filter, regulator and lubricator

Depending on intended uses and applications, other devices, combining a filter, a regulator and a lubricator, are available.