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Thermador Groupe has strong relationships with its manufacturers, a real collaboration over the long term: 40 years of partnership for 21% of our manufacturers.

They have been selected from amongst the best of their profession, and we ensure that their products meet all prevailing technical and safety standards.


67% of the purchases come from European manufacturers - from Italy, France, Spain, Germany and some other European countries.

29% of the purchases come from China and Taiwan, where we have around 90 regular high-quality manufacturers. Every year, 20 to 30 factory visits are carried out in order to develop and facilitate relationships with these partners, paying particular attention to employees’ working conditions.

Thermador Groupe develops high standards of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and formalises the ethical behaviours expected from all its stakeholders. The Thermador Groupe's social responsibility approach is laid out on its website. To achieve this, Thermador Groupe involves its suppliers and subcontractors in the implementation of monitoring measures and, where applicable, corrective actions and invites them to share its commitment by signing this supplier code of conduct. You can consult the Supplier Code of Conduct.

a pie chart showing from which countries Thermador Groupe purchasesa pie chart showing from which countries Thermador Groupe purchases

logo Actreglogo Actreg

Founded in 1992, ACTREG is a multinational company specialising in manufacturing and selling high-quality actuators for valves that require a quarter-turn rotary motion for on-off or modulating use. The expertise and know-how have made ACTREG a leader in actuator technology.

logo Adlerlogo Adler

Founded in 1989 in Italy, ADLER SpA is one of the leaders in designing and producing ball valves. Thanks to refined quality together with a very worth price, ADLER products are sold all over the world, proposing a complete range of valves privileging quality.

logo Airagalogo Airaga

Established in 1956 in Italy, Airaga is an international business dedicated to the production of ball valves and plumbing components. Convinced that the key to becoming a market leader is to make high-quality products, Airaga offers a rich catalogue and covers any market need with innovative products made with cutting-edge technologies.

logo Alpha&Pompelogo Alpha&Pompe

Located in Brescia in Italy ALPHA POMPE S.p.A. was established in 1971. They started manufacturing pumps for industrial and agricultural purposes. Today, the product range has been enlarged by the addition of manufacturing of Alphair rotating pneumatic actuators (in aluminium and stainless steel) and Fastair pneumatic coaxial valves.

logo Ayvazlogo Ayvaz

Founded over 70 years ago in Turkey, Ayvaz holds the production experience of flexible connection parts of various types and customized designs for the industry. Exporting in more than 100 countries, the reputation of the company remains high thanks to its capability of providing innovative and reliable solutions for its cooperators.

logo Bmeterslogo Bmeters

In 1991 was created B METERS, an Italian company that designs, produces and distributes all over Europe more than 1.8 million instruments and solutions a year for measuring the consumption of water and energy used for heating and cooling.

logo CMO Valveslogo CMO Valves

Founded in 1993, CMO Valves is a company based in Spain. Today, CMO Valves is one of the largest knife gate valve manufacturers in the European market. The company designs and markets a wide range of standard valves and also offers a large portfolio of specific valves along with penstocks and dampers. Our range includes knife gate valves and actuated knife gate valves.

logo CSAlogo CSA

Italian manufacturing company founded in 1987, CSA’s core business is the production of valves and tailor-made solutions for pressure control and regulation for waterworks, sewage systems, and specialized applications such as seawater and industrial processes. The high quality of their products and their technical support make them a benchmark in the field of fluid regulation and control.

logo ICP Valveslogo ICP Valves

ICP Valves is a subsidiary of the TTV-JC group, a Spanish multinational specialising in manufacturing and marketing high-quality industrial valves. Thanks to the experience and know-how acquired, ICP VALVES is a world-renowned company in the industrial valve sector.

logo itaplogo itap

ITAP SpA, founded in Italy in 1972, is one of the leading companies in producing valves, fittings and distribution manifolds for sanitary and heating systems. It produces 400,000 items a day and exports to over (100) 108 countries worldwide. ITAP SpA offers products bearing the approval of numerous international certifying bodies.

logo JC Valveslogo JC Valves

With more than 50 years of experience as a manufacturer of ball valves, JC VALVES is today part of the large TTV-JC Valve Group. Thanks to a consequent team, JC VALVES is present in many countries to propose technical solutions in any sector worldwide. Our range includes carbon steel, stainless steel ball valves, and actuated ball valves.

logo Omal Automationlogo Omal Automation

OMAL is an Italian company founded in 1981 that designs and manufactures customised valves and actuators to improve and increase the performance of production facilities. They are active in markets such as food, chemical and pharmaceutical, energy, naval and many others.

logo NGIlogo NGI

Founded in 1987, NGI is an Italian company which is part of Gruppo Gianesi based on experience, quality and dynamism. They produce safety valves in brass and stainless steel, free and piped discharge, adaptable to any fluid.

logo Maddalenalogo Maddalena

Maddalena S.p.A. is one of the leading international companies in the water and thermal energy metering sector. Founded in 1919 in Italy, the company, that has the plant with the largest production capacity in Europe (3 million instruments produced every year), offers a complete range of meters to private customers and large utilities.

logo OMBlogo OMB

Founded in 1973 by Mr Roberto Brevi, the Italian group is a diversified manufacturer of valves for the energy industries. The group has become a globally recognised manufacturer of valves for the Oil and Gas, Power, Shipbuilding and Aerospace industries. Our range includes forged valves, made of carbon steel and stainless steel.

logo Valves & Technologylogo Valves & Technology

Founded in 1982, TTV designs and produces valves and parts. The company has foundries in Europe and Asia and is constantly investing in efficient and high-quality production. TTV offers short delivery times thanks to a wide range of valves and spare parts. Our range includes concentric and double offset butterfly valves, manual or actuated.

logo Yakacik Valflogo Yakacik Valf

Founded in 1966 in Istanbul, Yakacik Valf manufactures, markets and exports products such as valves, level gauges and manometer cocks. The company is an integrated plant including foundry, pattern making, R&D, design, machining, quality control, testing and painting departments.

logo Zetkamalogo Zetkama

With 75 years of experience and more than 75 foreign markets, ZETKAMA, situated in Poland, is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial valves in Central and Eastern Europe. With its cast iron foundry, the company offers over 2000 types of valves.

logo Z-tide valvelogo Z-tide valve

Z-Tide Valve is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of Pressure Control Valves, founded in 1978. The company's commitment to providing customers with high-quality, long-lasting valves has made it one of the main manufacturers and exporters of pressure valves in Taiwan.