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Expansion joints

Expansion joints

We supply a wide range of rubber expansion joints for HVAC and water distribution or for industry with the TEGUFLEX® range. We also offer a range of metal expansion joints, rubber-metal pipe connectors and expansion limiters.
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What are expansion joints made for?

Expansion joints, also called expansion compensators, are used in multiple industrial applications. They are most often placed in pipes or rigid pumping systems also dealing with high-temperature fluids. 

Expansion joints generally take the form of a bellow: this bellow can be made up of metal (stainless steel) or rubber (EPDM, NBR). 

Expansion joints are then very flexible and can be used to:

  • Absorb vibrations
  • Absorb axial, lateral and angular movements
  • Maintain thermal stability
  • Reduce noise pollution
  • Allow expansion, contraction, or distortion of some materials
  • Compensate for parts misalignment

Syveco’s offer

Syveco offers a range of four different types of expansion joints.

  1. Rubber expansion joints for HVAC and water connections: threaded or PN10/16 flanged, linear and angular compensation, EPDM or NBR tube, and an expansion limiter as an option. EPDM expansion joints are generally used in water distribution, while NBR compensators are more often designed for applications with mineral oils, hydrocarbons, and fuel oil.
  2. Rubber expansion joints for industry: Teguflex® range by Trelleborg, swivelling flanges, wide choice of rubber linings for multiple industrial applications (chemicals, water, steam, abrasive fluids, oil, food…). The optional stainless-steel vacuum support ring is recommended when the compensator is used in a depression system (e.g. a pump).
  3. Metal expansion joints: threaded, butt welded, or RF PN16 flanged, used for axial movement only, stainless-steel bellows, and steel or stainless-steel inner liner.
  4. Noise reduction sleeves: this EPDM rubber-metal pipe connector absorbs light noise vibrations and interrupts noise transmission.  This noise reduction sleeve is designed for use with water distribution systems.