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Resilient seated

Resilient seated

Resilient seated gate valves have a rubber wedge to ensure tightness by pressing the elastomer against the bottom of the valve. The body is coated with epoxy for greater durability. These valves are most commonly used for water treatment.
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The resilient seated gate valve range

Syveco offers five different models of resilient seated gate valves. All of them are made in GGG50 cast iron, this material being stronger than grey cast iron, and coated with epoxy paint inside and outside, in order to prevent any risk of corrosion.

Two main elements guarantee the tightness of our resilient seated gate valves:

- Rubber-coated gate, ensuring full tightness;

- Tightness at shaft is reinforced by a triple NBR O-ring.

There are a number of options available as regards the actuators: handwheel with non-rising stem, handwheel gearbox, square drive nut, stem extension (optional).  These actuators are operated with a clockwise to close (CTC) or a clockwise to open (CTO) movement.

There is a difference between short face-to-face valves (DIN 3202 F4 or EN 558 series 14) and long face-to-face valves (DIN 3202 F5 or EN 558 series 15).

These valves are full bore valves, which means there is no head loss when the fluid runs through the valve. Resilient seated gate valves are also versatile valves, as it is possible to use them in above-ground installations as well as in underground systems.

Plus: online maintenance is available.

Last, it is good to know that the resilient seated gate valves are particularly suitable for all activities related to water: water supply systems in general, urban water grids, waste water treatment, for example.

Zooming in on two specific models

Models 181 and 185 of our catalogue offer two specific configurations, as seen in the following table:

 Item 181Item 185
Operating systemWith handwheelWith square drive nut
Closing directionClosing directionClockwise to open
Face-to-face lengthShort: EN 558 series 14 (DIN 3202 F4)Long: EN 558 series 15 (DIN 3202 F5)

However, these two models of resilient seated gate valve also have a number of common features:

- High quality EPDM on gate, validating ACS and WRAS certifications;

- GSK certified AKZO NOBEL® special epoxy coating;

- Stainless steel 304 stem, highly resistant to corrosion and certified quality for drinking water.