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Pneumatic actuators

Pneumatic actuators

The pneumatic actuator allows automated operation of a valve that is not accessible, requires frequent operation, or where hand force is not sufficient to operate it. The pneumatic actuator can be double acting or spring return.
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Pneumatic actuators: their role and operation

Pneumatic actuators are used to automate and control valves operations remotely, especially when valves are not accessible, or when hand force is not sufficient to operate them. In most cases, pneumatic actuators are used to cut off conducts and tanks, or to mix and distribute fluids.  Pneumatic actuators may operate on two different principles:

  • Single-acting cylinders: single air intake, piston (fitted with a compression spring) is pushed in one direction only for opening or closing), spring releases for opposite movement;
  • Double-acting cylinders: alternate air intake through one tube or the other at each end of the actuator driving the stem to open or to close the valve.

This on/off type of tool is perfect for quarter-turn valves (ball valves or butterfly valves) thanks to a rack and pinion system: it pulls the valve stem in a 90° quick operation. Pneumatic actuators have a lot of advantages: their design and implementation are very simple, and they are also robust and economical.

Where are pneumatic actuators used?

Pneumatic actuators are widely used throughout a large number of industrial activities such as the chemical and petrochemical sectors, energy, pharmaceutics, the agri-food industry, or water treatment; but they are also common in communities: hot and cold-water networks, air conditioning, heating, compressed air, fire, gas, or fuel systems...

Syveco’s offer

Syveco offers a wide range of single-acting and double-acting pneumatic actuators that were selected among several brands: Nutork, Actred, Alphair, EL-O-matic, Prisma. The bodies of these rack and pinion actuators can be in aluminium, anodised aluminium, or in plastic. They have adjustable limit screws and position indicators. The limit switch box bracket connections and solenoid pilot valve connections meet the NAMUR VDI/VDE 3845 standard. Our models withstand a maximum operating pressure of 8 bar and environment working temperatures ranging from -32 °C up to +100 °C depending on the references.

We also offer multiple accessories that can be used with our pneumatic actuators: Namur pilot solenoid valves, limit switch boxes, silencers, quick exhausts, throttle valves, positioners, position detectors, declutchable gear boxes, stem extensions.