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Electric actuators

Electric actuators

Find out our large range of quarter-turn actuators for HVAC or industry applications and multi-turn actuators. Torque from 15 Nm to 2500 Nm.
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Choosing the right electric actuator

Electric actuators are used in the plumbing industry to control valves automatically. They are also called servomotors. They transform the electrical energy they receive into motion, in order to operate the valve.

Selecting the right electric actuator requires looking at multiple features and specifications:

  • pressure differential, that is to say the difference in pressure between the input and the output of the valve
  • working temperature
  • working atmosphere: IP code (International Protection Marking, depending on the device being installed inside or outside), compliance with the ATEX standard for explosive environments
  • stroke time, that is to say the time needed for a totally open valve to become a totally closed valve
  • torque, expressed in newton metre, calculated from the strength of the rotating movement according to the distance covered. The electric actuators in our range have 15 Nm to 2500 Nm torques
  • voltage: voltage: 230V AC, 24V DC & 24V AC, 265V AC/DC, 24V AC/DC, 12V DC, 400V AC
  • service type and service factor:
  • service type is intermittent for electric actuators mounted on valves (S2 or S4 service in general)
  • service factor gives the motor working time as a percentage in an irregular S service. It can be completed by the number of starts per hour.

Note: proportional control unit actuators are designed to carry out a high number of starts per hour (1200, 1800, or an illimited number), in order to be closer to the set position required by the control loop.

Syveco's offer

Syveco offers a wide range of electric actuators, divided into two different types:

  1. Quarter-turn actuators

The rotary actuation suits quarter-turn valves such as butterfly valves or ball valves:

  • TCR: quarter-turn actuators for heating, ventilation air air-conditioning, used on fire networks, with cold water, hot water, chilled water, natural gas, fuel oil
  • SA series and NA series: quarter-turn actuators for industry
  • Quarter-turn Bernard actuators
  • AUMA Profox

Executions available:

  • ATEX
  • Electric actuator with proportional control unit
  • Electric actuator with local control unit
  • Electric actuator with fail-safe, built-in rechargeable security batteries and super condenser
  • Spring return electric actuator
  1. Multi-turn electric actuators

The linear motion actuation is more appropriate for gate valves and knife gate valves:

  • Multi-turn Regada actuators
  • Multi-turn Auma actuators