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Brass ball valves

Brass ball valves

We provide a range of ball valves for building made of brass or lead-free brass : PN25/20, PN30/20, PN40/30, 3 way valves, mini valves, stem extension valves, water meter valves, distribution manifold valves, union fitting valves.
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Use of the brass ball valve for building 

Brass ball valves are widely employed in the building industry and can be used as isolation valves or stop valves.

  • Stop valves are used to completely open or close a pipe, in order to let a fluid run through the conducts or to prevent a fluid to enter a system of pipes.
  • Isolation valves are used to stop the flow so that elements or parts of a piping system are isolated from the rest of the circuit, for maintenance purposes most of the time.

Where are brass ball valves used in the construction sector? 

Brass ball valves find applications in a lot of domestic systems, such as sanitary heating, gas systems, drinking water, air conditioning, watering, or irrigation for examples.

Syveco’s offer 

Syveco has a very large selection of ball valves for building, each one offering a great choice of models: BSP threaded female/female or male/female, from 3/8” to 4”. The operating system can be either flat levers or butterfly handles. Reversible handles are great to adapt to every kind of equipment (excepted on the PN25/20 range).

Our brass ball valves for construction withstand various pressure ratings depending on the references: PN25/20, PN30/20, PN40/30. The tolerated temperatures range from -10 °C up to +120 °C depending on the models.

Traceability, quality and certifications

Our goods are guaranteed as totally traceable thanks to markings and batch numbers. The brass used complies with the EN 12165 European standard to offer more mechanical strength. We also have a NF 079 range, offering a 10-year guarantee, and a lead-free CW510L brass range, offering a 5-year guarantee.  Finally, all references in our ranges are ACS and PZH certified (drinking water standards). Our NF series is WRAS and DVGW certified.