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Needle valves - Globe valves - Piston valves

Needle valves - Globe valves - Piston valves

We supply a range of needle valves, globe valves and piston valves with various end connections: BSP threaded, NPT threaded, welding ends, RF PN16 or PN40 flanged ends. As multi-turn valves, they can be used to regulate fluids.
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Roles of needle, globe, and piston valves

Needle, globe, bellows sealed globe, and piston valves are designed to regulate fluids thanks to their shutters and their multi-turn operation, allowing a very precise control of the flow. 

Needle valves

Needle valves are mainly used on small sized pipes and circuits, where a high-pressure flow has to be regulated in a precise manner. They are recommended for dosing and sampling operations, especially in oil and gas works.

Syveco has four needle valve models to offer (diameters ranging from ¼" to 2"), made from various materials (bronze, carbon steel and stainless steel), with male and female connections, BSP or NPT threaded, or socket welded. Depending on the models, our needle valves withstand 25 to 400 bar pressure and can be compatible for ATEX zones. 

Globe valves

Globe valves are also regulating valves. Opening or closing the valve with the multi-turn wheel regulates the flow by creating some distance between the seat and the disc (closure element). The gradual opening prevents water hammers. The stem and handwheel are rising or not depending on the model.

Our valves are suitable for use with 16 to 40 bar pressures and high temperatures (up to +400 °C), as well as for numerous uses: water, non-corrosive and non-toxic fluids, steam, hydrocarbons.

Bellows sealed globe valves

The operating principle of globe valves with bellows is the same as for globe valves, but with a noticeable difference: external tightness is ensured by a bellows instead of a gland packing. The valve is then more reliable as there is no possible leakage. Moreover, users and the environment are protected in case of hazardous fluids. 

This type of valve is generally used on networks conveying steam, gas, liquids, condensates, or even water. 

Syveco’s range presents a selection of bellows sealed globe valves. Some of these are specially designed for use with heating systems or with steam.

Piston valves

Piston valves are very similar to globe valves, but the difference is the method used for tightness: external tightness is ensured on the whole height of the washer in contact with the piston.

The piston valves offered by Syveco are suitable for use with steam networks. They come with RF PN16 or RF PN40 flanged connections, are available from DN15 up to DN200 sizes, and are made of cast iron or cast steel.