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2-piece body

2-piece body

We provide a wide range of 2 piece construction ball valves made of carbon steel and stainless steel and suitable for industrial uses : high temperature up to 200°C, dry cleaned for oxygen service, 800 or 1500 lbs.
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Overview and main features of the carbon steel and stainless-steel two-piece body valves

Carbon steel ball valves and stainless-steel ball valves are employed to initiate, stop or regulate utility flows (general or additional fluids) or process fluids through pipes and ducts. Also called sphere valves, quarter-turn valves, or floating ball valves, two-piece body ball valves are widely used in the chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries, in hydraulic facilities, or compressed air systems.

This is a stop valve which is very common with all commodities and for all general uses. Equipped with threaded connections, a quarter turn of the handle opens or closes this kind of valve.

Syveco’s offer

Our range of products offers a great number of different two-piece body ball valves with varied components and materials: 

- A216WCB carbon steel or CF8M stainless steel body;

- Stainless steel ball;

- PTFE or RTFE seat;

- Full or reduced bore;

- Anti-blowout stem;

- With lever or butterfly handle;

- Locking device;

- BSP or NPT threaded connections;

- Maximum allowable pressure: up to 63 bar;

- Size: from ¼” to 4”.