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Carbon steel and stainless steel ball valves

Carbon steel and stainless steel ball valves

We supply carbon steel and stainless steel ball valves adapted to numerous industrial applications. Several ball valve constructions are available: 1 piece, 2 piece, 3 piece body, 2 or 3 way ball valve.
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Carbon steel and stainless-steel ball valves: what use?

As every other ball valve, the carbon steel ball valve and the stainless-steel ball valve will initiate, stop or regulate fluid flows through pipes and ducts.

Description of carbon steel and stainless-steel ball valves

These valves are highly versatile plumbing parts that come in various models: one, two or three-piece bodies, wafer or split bodies, two or three ways, full bore or reduced bore.

The bodies are made of carbon steel or stainless steel. The balls are made of stainless steel, while the seat will accept various materials, depending on where and how the valve is used: PTFE, RTFE, PTFE + graphite, stainless steel reinforced PTFE, PTFE + carbon, etc.

Sizes range from 1/8” to 12” and from DN15 to DN300, whether threaded or flanged. The maximum pressure goes from 10 to 500 bar depending on the valve range and category.

Carbon steel and stainless-steel ball valves: specific features

Both types of valves can have different sorts of connectors: threaded BSP or NPT, flanged RF pn40/16 OR rf PN25, ANSI 150 or ANSI 300, butt weld or socket weld. They also have an anti-blowout stem and an antistatic device.

Last, some valves get specific certifications, such as a fire safe approval, ACS, or NACE.

Where are carbon steel and stainless-steel ball valves used?

Carbon steel and stainless-steel ball valves are used in multiple industrial fields. We may mention the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries for example, but also hydraulic installations, compressed air systems, oxygen services...

Syveco’s offer

Syveco has got a very large choice of carbon steel ball valves and stainless-steel ball valves. We also provide very specific items, for high pressures or high temperatures for example. We work with multiple brands, each one offering its own specificities:

  • ICP has got a split body range. It is fire safe and adapted to high temperatures.
  • OMB offers forged valves.
  • MARS, JC Valves and Adler have got high quality ball valves.